Key art for Steam

I was the art director for the PC game ARC Continuum, a sci-fi fantasy adventure game. I was responsible for visualization, concept development, UI graphics and leading of the art team in 3D game development.

I designed the environments, characters, props, mood and tone for the gameplay levels. I’m a big fan of the ancient megalithic architecture of our own world… places such as The Great Pyramids, Machu Pichu and Easter Island. These were great sources of inspiration for this game.

Screenshots of underground and city levels

3D environmental design and art direction

For the underground, the challenge was to display the remnants of an ancient, yet technologically advanced, civilization. I designed buildings and structures that blend science and mythology. I achieved this by taking cues from the megalithic structures of our own world.

For gameplay environments on the planet surface, I helped develop the idea of a Cosmic Temple as a complete level. We created a large cathedral like building within a larger courtyard. The structural elements here had to connect somewhat to the underground buildings.

This is the ARC, the central weapon device of the game. A mysterious device which allows the bearer to manipulate time powers in combat gameplay. This device conveys a blend of ancient alien mythology with ancient scientific knowledge.

Posters of the occupying force for placement in the city environment

Graphic design of multiple elements for a Kickstarter campaign


Screenshots and samples of the finished work I art directed for the sci-fi fantasy game, ARC Continuum.

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